“Explore.  See the underlying beauty of where you are.”

~Cameron Fitzwater, May 1, 2011

To look at Cameron you would see an ordinary kid, but to meet him was an entirely different story.

Cameron exuded love and compassion towards others far beyond our small-town limits.

From the day he was born he roared, and he never stopped.  He was adventurous, smart, funny, loving, diligent, resourceful, loyal, unpredictable, fearless, unassuming, affectionate, outgoing, respectful, fun, thoughtful, empathetic, generous, witty, ambitious, stubborn, sincere, and protective of others.  He not only lived his life to the fullest but more importantly, he lived his life OUT LOUD! 

On April 4, 2012, Cameron tragically died in a car accident on his way to work after school…but his story did not end there…Cameron continues to live through the good works he left behind and the legacy he left in the hearts of all who knew him.

Cameron is described by others as “talented”, “gifted”, “a natural leader”, “a smile that lit up our lives”, “an outgoing,

a fun-loving student who stood up for others,” “he captured the spirit of all people, where their passions were…people that didn't know him directly still knew of him because he was full of life, full of zeal, and enthusiasm."

Cameron was very active in school.  He was Captain of the Wrestling Team, and Captain of the
Math MACC Academic Team.  He also participated in Boy Scouts, where he was an accomplished Eagle Scout,

Choir, Drama, Track, and Young Life.  In addition to attending Pulaski County High School, he also attended the Southwest Virginia Governor's School for Math and Science. 

Cameron loved his hometown and was very active in the community.  
He volunteered with the local Habitat for Humanity participating in fundraisers and on the construction of new homes.  He cut down trees and removed debris out of the roadways in 2011 when a tornado hit Pulaski.  Cameron continued his volunteer efforts in the days following with Samaritan’s Purse.  As a Boy Scout, he volunteered on numerous service projects throughout the community, Camp Ottari, and Camp Powhatan.  Wherever he could help, he was there.

Cameron was a free spirit and lived his life with no inhibitions. 
He would hike as far as he could see.  He would kayak as far as the river would take him.  He would camp as long as the night was long.  He found peace, beauty, and balance in the outdoors.

He is remembered for his adventurous spirit, his outgoing personality, his sense of humor, 
his love of life, his huge bear hugs, and his contagious smile.  He inspired others to love God, appreciate nature, live big, dream big, embrace their fears, and to never give up. 

Cameron wrote “Kindle the fire within yourself. Use its light to stay the path. No matter how hard it gets stay ever cheerful.” This is how Cameron lived every day. 

​Cameron's Story